"Sallos Licorice-League" with the Hamburger Goldkehlchen.

The liquorice brand Sallos once again gets bizarre support from the quirky male choir of the Hamburg Goldkehlchen. The „Sallos Liquorice League“ is open.

Nordic, dark humour, absurd challenges, choir singing and a good dose of self-irony: these are the ingredients for the new Sallos campaign with the iconic male choir Hamburger Goldkehlchen. This year’s Sallos digital campaign is as tart and crude as the liquorice itself.

Last year, Sallos Lakritz founded the „Sons of Sallos“ with the Goldkehlchen. The Hamburg choir singers were already on the road in 2022 with full physical commitment for Sallos in their city: nude bathing in the Elbe or a Sallos tattoo in the thigh were highlights of the last campaign.

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Credits: W&V