Let’s build forests together. Markenfilm Group joins The Generation Forest.

The aim of climate positivity is not only to reduce and offset our own CO2 emissions, but also to ensure more CO2 storage and thus make a valuable contribution to a better world of tomorrow.

This is a goal that we have set ourselves and would like to achieve through offsetting in addition to reduction measures. To this end, we would like to support an approach that goes far beyond pure offsetting. As a member of The Generation Forest cooperative, we are committed to the reforestation of new forests and thus to the restoration of valuable, diverse ecosystems. These are of fundamental importance for our climate and biodiversity, but also for the health of the soil and the local water balance.

It is important to us to take responsibility for our actions and for our planet. As Markenfilm Group, we want to leave a positive world for future generations and that is exactly what we can achieve with our membership of The Generation Forest.

More information about The Generation Forest can be found here: www.thegenerationforest.com

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