Markenfilm strengthens the management and enhances creative expertise.

Alexander Husche and Ferdinand Racz are returning to the Markenfilm family and strengthening the management team at Markenfilm Hamburg and Markenfilm Berlin. The Markenfim Group wishes to use this step to further consolidate the core business at its two main locations. While Ferdinand Racz began his career at Markenfilm Crossing, Alexander Husche, who came to Hamburg from Stink Films Berlin, had already worked at Markenfilm Berlin in the past as a producer. The fact that two Markenfilm colleagues in Alexander Husche and Ferdinand Racz have returned to the ranks is no coincidence for Robert Tewes, managing director of Markenfilm Berlin: ‘We have all known each other a long time, we know what to expect from one another and we are convinced that we can continue to expand Markenfilm with the pair.’

‘In Alexander and Ferdinand we have taken on two highly driven and creative producers and we are really looking forward to working with them to shape the future of Markenfilm at both locations and further expand our international network,’ adds Cornelius Rönz, managing director of Markenfilm Hamburg. This international network has been helped on its way in recent years by the successful launch of Markenfilm Asia in Korea. Our managing director In-Ah Lee, who relocated from Hamburg to Seoul two years ago, was responsible for the excellent start of Markenfilm Asia.

The fact that two of Markenfilm’s home-grown talents are returning to the company in a managerial capacity demonstrates once again how important it is to train and nurture young colleagues. ‘Markenfilm has embraced this approach more than any other company in the industry and is currently training more than 16 apprentices across its locations and has thus clearly been leaving its mark in the entire advertising market for a number of years,’ says CFO Tina Rademacher-Scheele.

Besides strengthening its core business in Berlin and Hamburg, the Markenfilm Group is enhancing its creative expertise with a team built around ex-Publicis chief creative officer Timm Weber. Just last year, Timm Weber demonstrated his creative expertise and quality at Markenfilm Crossing and Markenfilm SPACE. ‘A high-calibre in-house creation team is essential, especially when it comes to helping to develop content and experiences. The fact that Markenfilm SPACE has been able to secure the Humboldt Forum, the European Central Bank and the Publications Office of the European Union as long-term clients is also due to this constellation,’ comments group managing director Oliver Hack.

‘The interest in and demand for direct collaboration between clients and productions is growing in a number of areas and I am delighted to be able to work with fantastic teams on many exciting projects at both Markenfilm Crossing and Markenfilm Space,’ confirms the creative director of the Markenfilm Group Timm Weber.

These changes are part of a longer-term strategy at the Markenfilm Group. The aim is to precisely meet the extensive and changing needs of the film market and to be able to provide contemporary answers to the wide-ranging requirements on the market. ‘We are serving the international advertising film business with our locations in Hamburg, Berlin, Zurich and Seoul,’ stresses Oliver Hack. While Markenfilm Crossing produces branded content, in Markenfilm SPACE we have now acquired expertise in interactive experiences, covering the three core elements consisting of advertising (creating emotions), branded content (creating content) and experience communication (creating experiences).’


Horizont-Article (in German)