London International Awards 2021

We are very happy and proud…

…that we won at this years London International Awards!

Thanks to all involved. Your are awesome!

1x Gold, 1x Silver and 2x Bronze
Title: „Take Care
Client: DocMorris
Agency: Jung von Matt

„Take Care“ marks the emotional start of a 360° campaign that answers the questions of the present with DocMorris‘ vision for the healthcare of the future. Christmas 2020 will be like no Christmas before because human values like family and health are moving to the front of people’s minds.

1x Silver
Title: „Ultrasonic Maffia Call
Client: Joyn
Agency: Kolle Rebbe

Harmless passers-by meeting gangsters is an unconventional promotion with which the streaming platform Joyn announces the launch of the second season of „Mocro Maffia“ on 26 November – a Dutch hit series in which petty criminals aim to make it into the big crime business.