Humboldt Forum transformed to Spaceforum

The HUMBOLDT FORUM Berlin: colourful, playful, thoughful, full of passion, impression and expression

At the Humboldt Forum the museums of Ethnology and Asian Art found a new very prominent location in the heart of Berlin. Behind its historical façade this new building puts the various cultures of the world at the center.  Important exhibits are now given the stage they deserve and thus the opportunity to be seen and discussed anew by many visitors.

The reorganization of the museums in the Humboldt Forum offers a unique opportunity to rethink the great collections.

Space has been a key partner in this new beginning, designing and implementing most of the interactive, immersive stations at the museums. This has resulted in installations on a wide variety of topics using an even wider variety of technologies.

We always had only one thing in mind: how can we create the best experience for a certain topic and a certain target group. You could also say that we turned the second and third floor of Humboldt Forum into Space Forum.