Happy New Year! 2022

Start 2022 with something beautiful!

We digged into our archive of film footage created in 2021 and collected unused film frames. Too precious to hide them away on our storage only, we believed. This is why we present today a digital collection of „UNSEEN FRAMES“: 12 unreleased images of productions our film crews implemented during 2021 – in beautiful nature, in studios, in cities, in 3D CGI. „Unseen Frames“ showcases the variety of visual worlds Markenfilm handles but pinpoints also the fact that most footage we create does not make it into the final product. A hidden treasure to be explored.

With our unit SPACE, Markenfilm is also constantly exploring the boundaries of digital art and new technologies. This is why we decided to release „Unseen Frames“ as a digital NFT collection. Crypto art may be seen as hype, but we are excited by the power of blockchain and decentralized solutions to provide new and transparent solutions for content creators and artists.

At the same time, we acknowledge the ecological damage NFT art can cause: This is why we publish our collection on TEZOS + OBJKT, a clean and energy-efficient NFT platform. „Unseen Frames“ are #CleanNFTs and this way underlining the ‚Go Green‘ policy Markenfilm is addressing. It is also our statement for our openness and generally positive vision of emerging tech and its massive possibilities it bears – for us as a society, for artists and creatives especially, but also for our clients and partners at Markenfilm.

We are looking forward to new adventures with you.
2022 will be awesome.

May each day of the New Year bring happiness, good cheer, and sweet surprises! To you and all your dear ones!