ADC Germany 2023

We are very happy and proud…

…that we won at this year’s ADC Germany!

Thanks to all involved. Your are awesome!

911 Sport Classic – A Tale of Now and Then.

3x Bronze and 1x Awarded
Client: Porsche
Agency: Grabarz & Partner
Film Production: Markenfilm Hamburg

The Porsche 911 Sport Classic pays homage to Porsche’s most iconic sports cars from the 60s and 70s – first and foremost the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 from 1973. The aim of the Sport Classic’s release was to convey this reminiscence and the „retro feeling“ of the vehicle.

Not exhibition is sometimes the better solution.

1x Awarded
Client: Humboldt Forum
Agency: Markenfilm SPACE
Production Company: Markenfilm SPACE

How do you display looted exhibits?
We did without one thing in the Benin Bronzes exhibition space: displaying these exhibits!

Instead, we created a space for discourse and let everyone who could and should contribute to the discussion have their say in a 10-channel video installation. Both from an African and a European perspective – art-historical, social and colonial-historical.
In this way, we illuminated the history, origin and meaning of the bronzes from their perspectives with a wide range of experts.

Once into sport. Always into sport.

1x Awarded
Client: Intersport
Agency: Jung von Matt Sports
Film Production: Markenfilm Hamburg

Intersport’s ambitious short film follows a young woman’s journey to find her father after he disappears. By following the breadcrumb trail he left behind, she discovers a group of kindred spirits who has rejected the rules of a totalitarian regime to secretly pursue their passion: sports.

Don’t be a Horst.

1x Awarded
Client: HDPlus
Agency: Thjnk Munich
Film Production: Markenfilm Hamburg

Comeback of the year: cult figure Horst Schlämmer is back. „Who hasn’t experienced this: the new TV is bought quickly and everything looked so easy in the shop. But at home we feel like a Horst while installing it. When all we want is to watch TV with the best picture! Horst Schlämmer is the personification of this feeling – not only in name,“ says Anika Köpping, Marketing-Manager at HD+

Camouflage with Love.

1x Awarded
Client: BVG
Agency: Jung von Matt
Film Production: Markenfilm Hamburg

BVG gets Berlin moving – regardless of age, gender, origin, body shape, physical mobility, religion, sexual orientation, or cultural background. And now they’re displaying this diversity where it can’t be overlooked – in their new seat design. A dancing inspector who not only checks tickets but also transforms the passengers into colourful silhouettes? Fair enough, that sounds a bit mad, but it’s a message from the heart. And we want to touch the hearts of all Berliners.  With the unwavering commitment to diversity and acceptance.